About Us

Angela White

Angela White KCAI (Fellow) CDA, ObA, BehA. ‘The instructor’s instructor’, is founder and principal lecturer of IABTC. She is a highly experienced handler, instructor, behaviourist, lecturer, judge, assessor as well as author of numerous qualifications, courses, books and articles on dog training and behaviour. She has KCAI accreditation at the advanced level in Behavioural Training, Companion Dog Training, Competitive Obedience and was the first (and currently the only) person to be awarded Fellowship of KCAI.

With over 40 years’ experience in behaviour, instructing, and the delivery of courses for instructors since 1992, Angela will be leading the courses (unless otherwise stated) with additional especially selected, qualified, experienced instructors.

Diane Rhodes

Veterinary nurse for 5yrs, then worked for MOD Started Nursing. Senior Sister Orthopaedics and Trauma, RETIRED AFTER 20yrs,Lt in QARANC.

Qualifications. Master of Education, BSc (Hons) Combined Sciences, PGCE, City and Guilds Further and Adult Teachers Certificate, TDLB Workplace Assessor, Certificate in Supervisory Management.COSHH Assesor

Diane has cared for dogs from age 20. She has been involved with IABTC from 2006, She has then developed an interest in all things Canine. She has Gained Canine Behaviour Diploma, Canine First Aid, First Aid in the Workplace. IABTC Clicker Level 2, IABTC Master Dog Trainer Award, IABTC Trick Award Level 2. She works two Jack Russels both in obedience and currently work a GSD in Obedience Novice and A and Rally Level 2/3. Purdy is also a PAT Dog.

Her main area of interest is Clicker work,  Canine Anatomy and Physiology and the love of her life Brain and Behaviour.

Karen Holmes C & T3

Has lived with dogs since a child and over the last few years has dedicated her time and energy to developing her knowledge and understanding of what makes a dog ‘tick’.

Most of her extensive training, practical and theory, has been under the  wings of Angela White but has also attended courses at various venues. Karen has studied all aspects of dog training including Master Dog Trainer, Reactivity in dogs and how to  manage it, Clicker training, which is one of her passions, how a dog learns and practical solutions to everyday behaviours. Is a member of KCAI working towards Kennel Club accreditation.

Karen has 5 dogs of her own which are worked in various canine sports including Clicker and Target Training, Obedience, Rally, Heel Work to Music and Gun dog work.

Clare Steele

Award Winning Business owner for 15 years, Business Person of the Year 2014, Director of Hawks of Steele Falconry. Social Media Level 2, Health and Safety Level 2, Clare has been taught in Canine Behaviour and Training by Angela White for a number of years, Clare`s has extensive experience in training, practical and theory she has also attended courses at various venues. Clare has studied all aspects of dog training including; Reactivity in dogs, as well as Units 1 to 8 in Behaviour and training. Clare worked with Gun dogs for a number of years in Yorkshire. Clare Is a member of KCAI. she also has 7 dogs of her own which she trains her dogs for Obedience, Rally, Agility and Gun dog work.