Behaviour Courses

Behaviour Courses

IDBTC Certified—Canine Behaviour Course

Canine Behaviour, Training & Modification

Divided into a series of units delivered via seminars & workshops with additional home study.

These courses are designed for Dog Training Instructors and Behavioural Trainers who want to know more about understanding behaviour and preventing, identifying and dealing with canine behaviour problems. The units detailed below can be studied on their own if you already have an in-depth knowledge of the previous units.

We hold these units each year so if you can’t manage them all in one year you can come back and study later.

All Courses include learning materials and assessment with full support.

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An Introduction to Canine Behaviour (1 Day)

November 17, 2018 March 30, 2019, November 2, 2019One-day Seminar. Ideal to help you to understand w..

IABTC Unit 3 Essential Solutions for Everyday Behaviour Problems

July 10th and 11th - £150.002 Day workshop with presentation, demonstration and video. Everyday prob..

Unit 1 How Dogs Learn

2019  May 13-15,  3 Days plus assessment £225.00Canine behavioural development stages, blo..

Unit 2 Evolution and Breeds

2019  May 16th -17th 2 Days plus assessment £150.00Understanding terms – Ethology, cynology, be..

Unit 3 Essential Solutions to Everyday Behaviour Problems

2019  July 4th -5th 2 Days £150.00Workshop with presentation, demonstration, practical and vide..

Unit 4 IABTC Instructing Pet Dog Owners (Practical Competence)

2019 April 1-4 & September 9-12. 4 Days & assessment £299.00.Most people will need to attend..

Unit 5 Brain & Behaviour

2018  October 7th -10th 4 Days plus assessment £299.002019  October 8th -9th 4 Days p..

Unit 6 Introduction to Behaviour Modification

November 12th -15th 4 Days plus assessment £299.00Treatment of behaviour Problems - Case studies – l..

Unit 7 Intermediate Behaviour Modification

December 12th -14th 3 Days & assessment £225.00Case studies – Building on your knowledge of how ..

Unit 8 Advanced Behaviour Modification

2019 Jan 23rd -25th 3 Days & assessment £225.00As Unit 7 Exploring more cases - Case studies – B..