IABTC Instructing Pet Dog Owners

IABTC Instructing Pet Dog Owners

IABTC Instructing Pet Dog Owners - April 1-4 , September 9-12, £299.00

Please note this is a very popular course booking in advance is advised!

Helping You to Teach Pet Dog Training in Today’s World . Up-to-date ideas and techniques, with emphasis on client cantered learning, motivational training and welfare of dogs and their owners.

(IABTC “Working with KCAI to Ensure Best Possible Canine Standards”)

KCAI On line assessments 7,8 & 9. Practical and Oral - a high percentage of aspects of accreditation module Companion Dog as well as an opportunity to gain feedback on your performance in relation to KCAI expectations.

Open to all levels—whether you are thinking of becoming an instructor, just starting out, wanting to update or just a boost of confidence and new ideas—this course is ideal.

Practical Skills for those mostly teaching classes, but teaching one to one will also be taken into consideration. This course is Unit 4 of our Canine Behaviour Course and also stands alone as a practical course for instructors of dog training. It explores the knowledge, exercises, skills and equipment needed to teach others the basic control of dogs and ensure progression. It will also cover basic problems and faults. First impressions, qualities of an instructor, expectations v reality, teaching techniques and roles, how people learn, effective communication, motivation, groups, planning sessions and courses, effects of training, blocks to learning, monitoring, evaluation, and limitations on advice. Relevant business laws, legal and financial responsibilities. Professional service and provision, organizational structures, code of practice, venues, facilities, resources, health and safety, incidents and accidents, insurance, equal opportunities. Ideal for those teaching dog training in classes, clubs, dog schools or individually. Also, a must for anyone dealing with behaviour problems to ensure that at least basic control skills can be taught.

You may bring your own dog along on these courses (although this is not compulsory). There will also be opportunities to handle other dogs (some trained - some untrained) as well as trying out your instructing skills (with the support of your course tutor where necessary) on especially invited clients – thus giving you the opportunity of working with ‘real’ clients as part of the course.

Some students will attend to gain more knowledge, others will hope to gain an IABTC qualification, and therefore assessment is available but not compulsory.

For students who wish to be assessed this will be an ongoing throughout the week with a general assessment on the final day and an after-course assignment. Certificates will be graded depending on level of ability at that time.

There are a number of levels that students can achieve with IABTC:

Most people will attend on more than one occasion to build on knowledge and gain the best from this course.

Students Returning for refresher or higher levels join the course as normal but are given additional individualized tuition and support.

The level you go for will depend on previous experience (those with little or no experience will start at level 1).

IABTC Pet Dog Training Practical Competence (Assistant Instructor((L1)

IABTC Pet Dog Training Practical Competence (Instructor) (L2)

IABTC Pet Dog Training Practical Competence (L3)

IABTC Instructor Clicker & Target Training (C&T4 Inst.)

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