Canine behaviour course - Units 1 to 8

IDBTC Certified Course:   

Canine Behaviour, Training & Modification 

The units detailed below can be studied on their own if you already have an in depth knowledge of the previous units.  We hold these units each year so if you can’t manage them all in one year you can come back and study later. 


Ideally the units should be studied in order.   


Units 1, 2, 3 & 5 follow a natural progression . 

Unit 4 can be taken at any time and it also stands alone as an Instructor/Behaviorist's Practical Skills Course. 

Unit 6  should always be after 1-5 as without the knowledge of units 1-5 unit  6 will not be possible. 

Unit 7 &  8 offer Additional study on behaviour problem solving at the intermediate and advanced  level. 


All Courses include learning materials, study guide/work book and assessment with full support.

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Unit 1 How Dogs Learn New

Unit 1 How Dogs Learn

Unit 1 How Dogs LearnCanine behavioural development stages, blocks, catalysts and influences on lear..

£225.00 Ex Tax: £225.00

Unit 2  Evolution and Breeds New

Unit 2 Evolution and Breeds

Understanding terms – Ethology, cynology, behaviourist. Evolution and domestication - from ancient t..

£150.00 Ex Tax: £150.00