IDBTC Canine Behaviour (Problem Behaviour Introduction) (DL)

IDBTC Canine Behaviour (Problem Behaviour Introduction) (DL)

(Available in the centre as Unit 6 & practical)

£275.00 includes all learning materials, support & assessment.

Covers counselling and advising skills, and a range of behaviour problems that occur in dogs, this course looks at recognising problems and being able to identify and understand the cause of behavioural problems and abnormalities in dogs. It will cover common problems such as barking, aggression, excitability, stealing, separation anxiety, etc. to more unusual problems such as phobias. It will also look at modification plans to manage and bring behaviour under control. This course assumes you have the knowledge offered in canine behaviour (How Dogs Learn, Breeds and Evolution and Brain and Behaviour) and builds on that knowledge.

KCAI Online assessments 2 & 3 & Accreditation Module Behavioural Trainer and Professional Practice.

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